Theater Rules

  1. Absolutely no outside food or drink allowed (this means no coolers). You will be asked to leave without a refund if you are caught bringing in outside food.
  2. Speed limit is 5MPH.
  3. First 3 rows are for cars only. If you do not have a trunk, you do not count as a car.
  4. No hatches open.
  5. No guns on premises.
  6. Please put your trash in the trash bins, not on the ground.
  7. Quiet, well-behaved pets on leashes are allowed. (pet owners are responsible/liable for pets)
  8. Responsible, common sense behavior is required of all customers, regardless of age. You will be asked to leave (without a refund) if you do not display appropriate behavior.
  9. If you are caught sneaking in, you will pay double or be asked to leave.
  10. No alcohol allowed.
  11. Once you enter the theater, you will have to pay to reenter if you leave (unless it is an emergency).
  12. No saving parking spots (if you wish to park next to someone, you must wait for them outside the ticket building and enter together).
  13. No grilling.
  14. Park on the hump, not behind it. (lanes need to be kept open in case of emergency)
  15. Park a doors distance apart from the car next to you. This helps us get in as many cars as possible to enjoy the movies!
  16. No running vehicles while parked and watching movie due to exhaust fumes for other movie goers